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Antisocial Measures | Broad ABC

Antisocial Measures

To maximize sample size, we included studies with a broad range of antisocial measures, including both aggressive and non-aggressive domains of ASB. Therefore, ASB was measured broadly utilizing study-specific scales.

Sample (N)Antisocial MeasureAnalyst
ALSPAC (4346)Conduct Disorder scale (DAWBA)Michelle Taylor
COGA (1379)Antisocial Personality Disorder symptomsJessica Salvatore
GenR (1420)Rule-breaking behavior (TRF child)Anke Hammerschlag
TEDS (2734)Antisocial Process Screening DeviceJorim Tielbeek
QIMR (6531)Retrospective Conduct DisorderJorim Tielbeek
Finnish CRIME Study (6220)Antisocial Personality Disorder (SCID)Marja-Riitta Rautiainen
MSUTR (825)Rule-breaking behavior (TRF child)Qing Lu/Xiaoran Tong
Yale-Penn (2316)DSM-IV Conduct Disorder symptomsIrwin Waldman


ALSPAC = Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, COGA= Collaborative Studies on Genetics of Alcoholism, GENR= Generation Rotterdam, TEDS= The Twins Early Development Study, QIMR = Queensland Institute of Medical Research Berghofer, MSUTR = Michigan State University Twin Registry.