Five large population-based cohorts and three target samples (all subjects were of European descent) were included in the first project. The discovery samples comprised 16 400 individuals, while the target samples consisted of 9381 individuals. BroadABC welcomes new samples and innovative ideas. Please e-mail if you are interested in collaboration.

Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and ChildrenProspective pregnancy cohort (family design)Marcus Munafo
Collaborative Studies on Genetics of AlcoholismAlcohol dependence case-control sample (family design)Danielle Dick
Generation RotterdamPopulation-based (family design)Henning Tiemeier
The Twins Early Development StudyPopulation-based (family design)Essi Viding
Queensland Institute of Medical ResearchPopulation-based (family design)Sarah Medland/Nick Martin
Finnish CRIME StudyCase-control (prisoners sample)Jari Tiihonen
Michigan State University Twin RegistryPopulation-based (family design)Alexandra Burt
Yale-PennHigh-risk substance abuse sampleJoel Gelertner