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Projects | Broad ABC


First main project:
The main aim of the first project was to detect common variants for ASB by conducting a meta-analysis of GWAS on a broad conceptualization of ASB for males and females separately and pooled across sex. Gene and pathway analyses were conducted to gain more insight into biological function relevant to ASB. In addition, we tested the predictive power of polygenic risk associated with ASB, utilizing a forensic sample (Finnish CRIME Study), with measures on antisocial personality disorder. Moreover, we tested for evidence of shared genetic etiology with antisocial measures in a population-based cohort (MSUTR) and substance-dependent sample (Yale-Penn). Lastly, we determined the extent of genetic overlap between ASB and a range of cognitive and psychiatric phenotypes.

Planned projects:

Enlarged meta-analyses: N>100.000
Genome-wide x E design
Genetic overlap with life history speed indicators